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Will Writing and Estate Planning

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Will Writing and Estate Planning

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We are an established provider of later life legal services. Our team has over 20 years experience in the Later Life Market having serviced many thousand clients over that time. We are specialists in the provision of Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, Funeral Plans and Trusts.We have seen a remarkable increase in the demand for our service in recent times and as we provide a professional, informative and knowledgeable service in the later life market we have been able to build a business that not only services its own clients who come to us directly but we also look after many organisations who refer their own clients to us to assist in this specialist area.

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A Will lets you leave clear instructions about how your assets are to be distributed. Without one your estate may be subject to intestacy rules and your estate may not go to the people you had hoped.


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Lasting Power of Attorney can cover your financial affairs (e.g. managing your bank account) and your welfare (e.g. deciding where you will live if you are no longer able to decide for yourself).


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A Funeral Plan lets you pay for your funeral in advance. It is a way of taking control of the unexpected, setting out the arrangements and limiting the costs by paying for the services included in the funeral plan upfront.


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