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About Us

We are an established provider of later life legal services. Our team has over 20 years experience in the Later Life Market having serviced many thousand clients over that time. We are specialists in the provision of Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, Funeral Plans and Trusts. We have seen a remarkable increase in the demand for our service in recent times and as we provide a professional, informative and knowledgeable service in the later life market we have been able to build a business that not only services its own clients who come to us directly but we also look after many organisations who refer their own clients to us to assist in this specialist area. We pride ourselves in guiding our clients through the sometimes difficult discussions which have to take place in order to plan properly in later life to make sure their wishes will be adhered to when they are no longer around.

We also want to make sure they protect themselves and  their assets as best they can from such threats as Incapacity, Inheritance Tax, wrong people inheriting, or care costs which are just some of the threats which may come to light as clients grow older. We guide clients through the possibilities and solutions in an easy to understand manner so they can make their own informed decision about how much planning they want to make to mitigate these threats as best they can.

We will go through the clients current situation and get an understanding of their aspirations for their lifetime and what their wishes are after they have gone and we will make tailored recommendations based on these wishes and aspirations to make sure they have complete peace of mind these will be met.

We have and we continue to strive to give all our clients Peace of Mind.

Our Promise

  • We are flexible; we can work around your schedule
  • We will provide you with appropriate guidance to protect you and your family
  • We will help you with the paperwork
  • You and your family will have peace of mind, knowing we're always there to help

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